8 Pcs PKCELL NIZN 1.6V AAA 900mWh Ni-ZN Rechargeable Battery 3A Bateria Baterias + NiZn AA/AAA Battery Charger

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    Artikelnummer: REAB001
    Akkutyp: NI-ZN
    Spannung: 1.60V
    Kapazität: 900mAh
    Farbe: Yellow
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    Battery Type: 1.6V Ni-Zn AAA 900mWh Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Battery
    Brand: PKCELL
    Model: Ni-Zn 1.6V AAA 900mWh
    Size: AAA
    Voltage: 1.6V
    Capacity Typical:900mWhrs~Minimun:750mWhrs
    Dimension(max): Diameter:10.5mm*Height:43.5mm/ Cap:1.0mm min Consumer Cap
    Standard Charge: 0.5C to 1C in Amps to 1.9V/cell taper charge and cut-off
    Intermal Impedance: (after discharge to E.V.=1.0)<=20m¦¸(at 1000Hz)
    Application: Specially designed for digital camera,CD,Game machine,toy,Flashlight etc.

    Package included :
    1 Battery Charger +8Pcs 900mwh AAA Battery