Retractable Car Charger w/Cable Adapter für iPhone 6s 5s 6 5 5c 6 plus Touch 5

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    Brand New and High Quality
    Flexible cable, automatically circle back
    Recharge your device in your Car very easily and Fast
    Protective circuit to prevent overcharging (IC chip). LED Indicator
    Current limited, with reverse circuit protection. Will not overcharge your device
    Device can be used immediately, while charging
    Pocket sized, lightweight, durable

    Compatible With

    Apple iPhone Serien: iPhone 5, iPhone 5G, iPhone 5S 5C 6, iPhone 6 Plus
    Apple iPod Nano Serien: iPod Nano 7th generation
    Apple iPod Touch Serien: Touch 5th generation
    Apple iPad Serien: iPad Mini1 2,iPad 4 5 air

    Package Contents

    1 x Retractable Car Charger