Wi-Fi Wireless SDHC 32 GB Class 10 SD Memory Card for eye fi transcend ezShare

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    Item Number: MECA004

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    Products Infomation

    Capacity: 32GB
    Speed Class: Class 10
    Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11b / g / n
    Environment: digital cameras / video cameras and other equipment support SDHC memory card
    Terminal support: smartphones, tablets, laptops light WIFI equipment
    Login Type: browser / client
    Supported browsers Type: Safari / OPERA / Chrome / UC / QQ and other browsers
    Client Support: Android / IOS / Windows
    Supported file formats: JPG
    Wireless transmission speeds: 1.5mb / s
    WIFI startup time: 1s
    Transmission distance: indoor 5-10m; outdoor 25-50m

    Package Included:
    1 x Wi-Fi Wireless SDHC 32 GB Class10 SD Memory Card for eye fi transcend ezShare
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