Wi-Fi Wireless SDHC 16GB Class10 SD Memory Card FOR CAMERA DV Ezshare

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    Capacity: 16GB
    Interface Type: Class 10
    Wireless Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    Dimension/Weight: 32mm*24mm*2.1mm / 4g
    Applications Digital Camera, Digital Video, DSLR or other devices with SDHC slot
    Access Terminals Wi-Fi device (iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones, Tablets, Pad, Laptops)
    Browsers Support Safari /IE/OPERA/Chrome/UC
    Operating Range Indoor:5-10m;Outdoor:25-50m
    Max. Access Users 5

    EZ Share Wi-Fi SD card in addition to storage function have ordinary SD card, can through the ezShare mobile terminal equipment exclusive client software to realize wireless browsing, download, edit, save to beautify a key share photos in the digital camera and powerful function, let the camera user can easily feel that the film that is passed, the real-time share, upload a station such as social networking sites experience service. The use of EZ Share will make your digital camera photo sharing to be upgrade to provide unlimited Wi-Fi camera immediately