SD WiFi-SD MMC card into Compact Flash card Slim card adaptor Type I CF Adapter

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    Size: 43 * 36 * 3.3mm (CF I)
    The first Type I CF adapter designed for WIFI-SD.
    Effectively reduce CF's shielding for WIFI signals
    Supports SDXC/SDHC/SD all capacities up to 2TB
    SD 4.1 compatible, accepts Class10 or UHS-1/2 cards
    High-Speed CF interface with reliable performance
    Supports Windows/Mac OS/Linux

    Operation Instructions:
    Insert the media card into this adapter, then insert the adapter to the CF socket of the device.
    To extract the insert media card, please directly pull the card out.
    Be noted that to use WiFi SD on CF supported camera, the time of ¡°Auto power Off¡± settings should be properly adjusted to give WiFi SD enough time finish the WiFi transfer.