Bluetooth keyboard FOOWOO laser projection keyboard via bluetooth & USB Connection

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    Products Feature :

    1. Compatibility: iPhone 3GS/4, iPad (iOS7), Blackberry tablet, Android 2.0 and
    2. higher Windows Phone 7, Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS
    3. Interface: Bluetooth HID and USB 2.0
    4. Keyboard Layout: 19mm sized EnglishQWERTY layout
    5. Detection rate: Up to 400 characters per minute
    6. Operating Surface: Most flat opaque surfaces
    7. Battery duration: Approximately 150 minutes, 700mAh built in rechargeable battery

     Bluetooth keyboard Parameter:

    Physical Dimension: 36mm x 74mm x 18mm
    Weight: Approx. 40g
    Keyboard light source: Red laser diode
    Keyboard language: English
    Keyboard layout: 20.8mm sized QWERTY layout
    Projection size: Approx. 241mm*101mm
    Projected Keyboard location: Approx. 97.9mm from keyboard device
    Keystroke Sound: Built in buzzer(Mute on/off the sound)
    Visibility: Good contrast up to 1800 lux ambient illumination
    Detection rate: Over 400 characters per minute
    Detection algorithm: Multiple key stroke support
    Effective key stroke: Approx. 2mm
    Required projection surface:  Non-reflective, opaque flat surface
    Power source: 

    The USB bus power

    Lithium-ion battery power

    The DC input power

    Battery capacity: 700mAH(Max) 3.7V Replaceable soft-pack type
    Charger: Rating 800mA @ 5V
    Interface: USB 1.1 and 2.0 for PC

    Bluetooth(v2.0 class 2,class 3 )HID  for Mobile devices

    Switch mode: Switch the active/Standby mode manually
    Power consumption: max. 2.4W 4.2V
    Use temperature: Approx. 0~50°C

    Storage temperature :

    Approx. -20~50°C


     Software compatibility:

      All USB HID Compliant OS, All Bluetooth HID Compliant Mobile Device, Windows XP/WINDOWS 7 or Higher, LINUX, Ipad ,Iphone,Android 2.2 or Higher