Bluetooth Shutter Handheld Extendable Selfie Stick Monopod für IOS

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    This wireless mobile phone monopod is based on the HID communication technology and suit for phone with IOS 4.0 system or above
    smart phone with Android 3.0 or above to take self portrait.
    Easy to use : Charging the monopod -- Pairing your cell phone and the monopod (Bluetooth) -- Slip the phone to clamp -- Focus yourself -- Push the button.

    Maximum load weight: 500g
    Length of extension: 24-105cm
    Main material: stainless steel
    Flex sections: 7
    Selective colors: Black, Green, Rose Red
    Battery capacity: 45mAh
    Charging voltage: DC 5V
    Charging time: 1 hr
    Standby time: 100 hrs
    Autodyne frequency:500 times
    Memory quantity: 4 times
    Support system:?Andriod3.0/ios4.0
    The product automatically goes to ?sleep?within 2 hours unused,It will?wake up?5 seconds later after
    pressing the key of ?press?.
    Main function: autodyne by wireless mobile phone

    Package included:
    1 x Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod
    1 x Phone Clamp
    1 x Gasket
    1 x USB Charging Cable