Selfie Click Stick - Black (Built-in Bluetooth)

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    The Selfie Click Stick with Built in Bluetooth is amazing for taking great pictures of yourself and your friends without the need for a camera person. The Selfie Click Stick has a lightweight aluminium design and sturdy adjustable phone/camera holder but has a button in the rubber handle that you press to take your photos or videos. The Selfie Click Stick extends to 108cm (over 1 meter!) so you can really capture a huge group of people or an amazing background. This Selfie Click Stick is perfect for travelling, sightseeing, on a night out, on holiday, on the beach, at a festival and simply taking a selfie or video! This Selfie Stick comes with an adjustable ball-head clip for easy adjustment to any angle.

    How does it work?

    Turn the Selfie Stick on by the button on the bottom of the stick.
    Pair the Selfie Stick to your phone via Bluetooth (Very quick and simple)
    Fix your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone etc in the spring loaded adjustable mount
    Extend the arm to the desired length
    Snap your picture by pressing the remote button on the soft rubber handle.
    No hassle, no fiddling, just the perfect shot on the button every time!

    Product Compatibility:
    Work with ALL iOS (Apple devices) and ALL Android devices.

    Material : Aluminum alloy
    Extends to 108cm
    Closes to 20cm
    Adjustable clip size: 5.2 - 8 cm
    Jack: 3.5mm audio plug
    With remote button on the stick

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