12W LED Nail Art Gel Cure Curing Lamp Polish Dryer Timer Machine für LED GEL

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    Product Descriptions

    12W Led Lamp

    1 Model: 881
    2 Volt: AC 110V-120v; 220v-240V 50/60Hz
    3 Power:12W
    4 Plug: EU plug /US plug (Two round-pin plug/two plat-pin plug)
    5 Using life: 35000- 50000hours
    6 100% brand new.
    7 Size :Bigger than cellphone
    8 This nail lamp is available for Led gel or soak off polish, not suitable for UV products.
    9 Timer:30s,60s( press the button on time, it is 30s; press it a longer time, it is 60s)

    1 X 12W LED GEL Nail Curing Lamp Dryer (Color as you choose)
    1 X Power Supply
    1 X Manual
    Kindly Notes:
    1.Use the correct power, read source voltage.
    2.Turn the light off once your notice unusual phenomena, such as smoke, stink, etc.
    3.Do not stare at the bulb directly for long time.
    4.Do not pressing buttons including the timer button frequently in one service, which will cause damage.