Bluetooth amplifier wireless microphone speaker work für smart phone with CE,RoHS,BQB certificate (Color send randomly)

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    Product Description

    Beyond traditional design,this speaker is unique and with great sound quality.Use it at home, take it on vacation,enjoy it while camping,or put it to your backpack to play your favorite music.With built-in microphone,you can takehands-free phone call up to 65 feet away.

    1. Bluetooth, TF card,USB, FM Radio

    2. LCD display

    3. Remote control >15M

    4. Battery 2000mAH

    5.CE,RoHS, FCC,BQB

    Product Feature:

    1. With LCD display

    2. With intelligent voice function

    3. Support Bluetooth and hands-free when answering calls

    4. Can play music with TF card and USB

    5. Support line in and line out

    6. With FM radio function