High Quality Premium Real Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector für iPhone 5 5G

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    Retina and HD SuperAMOLED compatible high quality screen protector for iPhone 5G

    Improve the existing disadvantage of LCD Protection Film
    Light Penetration Ratio 93.7% (Comparison: Glasses 92%, General protective film 80%)
    9H Strong Hardness Anti-Scratch: The World Best! Real tempered glass protector
    Bubble Free
    Anti-Fingerprint and Oleophobic Coated
    Ultra Slim Thickness
    The surface of the tempered glass has a hardness of
    8-9H and 0.4mm thick, three times stronger than
    a regularscreen protector film.Even objects such as knives
    and keyswill not scratch the tempered glass.
    Oleophobic Coating
    The Premium Tempered Glass has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants.
    Sensitive Touch
    The tempered glass screen protector has a strong adhesive that makes installation easy and attaches the film firmly so as to not affect the touch screen's sensitivity.
    Anti-Shatter Film
    If broken, the Tempered Glass breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products.

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