6X RedPeppercase HD Clear Screen Protector Film Cover für Apple iPhone 5G/5S/5C

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    6X RedPeppercase HD Clear Screen Protector Film Cover For Apple iPhone 5G/5S/5C

    Our screen protectors are made from Optical Grade Crystal Film which are custom cut to ensure a perfect fit every time. Constructed in three layers; a scratch resistant surface polymer, a hardened protective mask to prevent deep cuts damaging your device and finally a patented silicone gel that creates a vacuum to securely 'cling' to the device screen.
    Features & Specs
    Highest Quality Japanese PET Film With 100% Bubble-Free Adhesives For Easy Installation
    No Residue When Removed
    Pre-Cut To Fit Your Screen Perfectly .
    Scratch Resistant Coating.
    Washable And Reusable .
    HD Transparency Film That Ensures Maximum Resolution.
    Natural Feel Touch Sensitivity Provides Flawless Touch Screen Accuracy.
    99% UV Protection: Reduces Eye Strain Caused By The LCD Screen.
    Package includes
    6x Clear Screen Protectors
    1x Smoothing Card
    1x Cleaning Cloth