E01 bone conduction earphone

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    Product specifications and materials:
    Single product net weight: 0.04kg
    Battery capacity: Mah
    Charging time: 3 hours
    Working current: 45MA
    Uninterrupted working time: 7 hours
    Standby time: one month
    Use distance: within 10 meters

    The connection method:
    The broadcom bluetooth 3.0 wireless chip

    Support system and suitable model:
    Support Bluetooth connectivity, mobile phones, tablets, etc. can be used to connect

    Product features:
    Human engineering fluent radian head wearing style appearance design, selection of high-quality comfortable materials crafted, lightweight fashion color, bone conduction technology directly through the skull transmission to the brain for to be worn on the head of outdoor sports and excellent sound quality, bring you comfortable music enjoy

    Product packaging and accessories:
    1. E01 bone conduction earphone
    2. USB charging line
    3. Chinese and English manual
    4. packing box

    Note and instructions:
    Other languages can also be customized, but should have certain quantity can be customized.