Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses Headset Headphones für iPhone Samsung HTC

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    Color: Black
    RioRand Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses Headset Headphones For iPhone Samsung HTC Nokia
    1. Long press the middle button for about 8-10 seconds until the red light alternate with the blue light, this means the bluetooth is in the paring status.
    2. Turn on your cellphone bluetooth, find the glasses' " BTglasses" device and connect it. The paring is successful when the 2 light stops flashing.
    3. After this 2 steps, you can listening music and answer a call.

    1. Stylish appearance combined with a unique design
    2. The glasses can be flip-up
    3. High-fidelity, CD quality sound effects
    4. Earphones built directly on to the frame, and can be adjusted for comfortable fit.
    5. It has Black lenses which can filter ultraviolet and protect your eyesight at the same time.
    6. You may wear it and enjoy your summer vacation anytime anywhere, getting hands-free phone call, stereo MP3 music and ultraviolet protection at the same time.

    Bluetooth range: 10 meters(approx. 33 ft) without any obstacles
    Talk time: 6 hours
    Stand-by time: 120 hours
    Charging time: 3 hours
    Noise-signal ratio: 15 decibel resolution
    RioRand Earphones built directly on to the frame, and can be adjusted for comfortable fit.
    Wireless appreciate the play stereo music phone. The wireless set aside to answer phone calls.
    Flip-up Glasses.Wireless stereo music playback to listen to the computer.Use of the network for remote wireless two-way conversation.Wireless listen to stereo music, set aside to answer the call automatically converted.
    High-fidelity, CD quality sound effects.Remote control music playback status.With this Bluetooth Sunglasses, you can enjoy your handfree holidays.Built in chargeable 120mAh lithium battery.

    Package Content:
    1 x Sunglass Bluetooth Headphone;
    1 x USB Cable;
    1 x Carrying Bag;
    1 x Cleaning Cloth ;
    1x MP4 Charge