HANDSFREE MINI Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Headphone Earphone für iPhone

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    Use the benefits of Bluetooth: the hands free to come out, let the hands do what it is to do with the use of Bluetooth four major benefits
    1> away from the phone to the brain's radiation, the main benefit of one:
    - Health
    2> free one hand to do other things, the main benefit of two:
    - freedom
    3> car phone, and then not afraid of the police to open a ticket with the car more insurance benefits three:
    4> on the street to pick up the phone, do not have to be afraid of someone who will seize the opportunity to grab your mobile phone owners big four:
    - Safety

    Product Description
    The Newest bluetooth headset with lightweight and compact portable design.We are committed to creating the most Mini bluetooth headsets. Simple and Stylish.
    Built-in HD and sensitivity microphone. Ideal for in-car calling or working use. Support A2DP , makes you can enjoy clear and natural sound when calling.
    Built-in 50 Mah polymer battery. Up to 4 hours of continuous talk time, 3.5 hours of music time.
    Pairing Instruction: Press and hold the button until the voice states"Ready to pair" or the LED light flashing Red and Blue.
    Due to the difference of people's ear,But this earphone can get you perfect¡£

    Package Include:
    1 x Bluetooth Headset
    1 x USB charge cable
    1 x Ear Hook
    1 x Headphone cable
    1 x User Manual