F9S/F9+IPADAIR/5 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard

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    Product specifications and materials:
    Bare machine product size: 24.2 * 17.4 * 17.4 cm
    Color box size: 29.4 * 20.4 * 3 cm
    A single product gross weight: 0.75 kg
    A single product net weight: 0.35 kg
    The number of packing: 18
    Packing size: 58.5 * 40.5 * 40.5 cm
    The gross weight: 14.5 kg
    Battery capacity: 500 mah
    With no backlighting individual products gross weight: 0.52 kg
    With no backlighting a single product net weight: 0.35 kg
    With no backlighting packing quantity: 20
    With no backlighting packing size: 39 * * 25.2 cm
    With no backlighting whole gross weight: 11.5 kg
    Charging time: four to five hours
    Working current: 2.5-3.5 MA
    Sleep current: < 0.2 mA
    Operating voltage: 3.7 ~ 4.2 V (Power by Li - on)
    Continuous work time: 55 ~ 70 hours
    Standby time: about 30 days
    Use the distance: within 10 meters

    The connection method:
    The broadcom bluetooth 3.0 wireless chip

    Support system and suitable model:
    Support for apple's ios system, suitable for the Air / 5 tablets

    Product features:
    Slot type flip rotation design, concise fashion, fine aluminum alloy material production, intelligent induction switch (open slot shaft power is opened), ABS comfortable buttons with seven kinds of color LED backlight (seven color selection switch adjustable brightness can also be closed), avoid losing cryptic phone smart bluetooth connection convenient and quick, with the function of automatic dormancy, ultra-thin lightweight design, humanization and carry supporting design, comfortable luxury fashion. Set achievements extraordinary quality and super perfect elements experience bluetooth keyboard!

    Product packaging and accessories:
    1. F9S/F9 ABS buttons ultra-thin bluetooth keyboard
    2. USB charging line
    3. English instruction
    4. packaging

    Note and instructions:
    Other languages can also be customized, but should have certain quantity can be customized.