Replacement for ASUS 1001PX, Eee PC 1001, Eee PC 1005, Eee PC 1101 Series UMPC, NetBook & MID Battery

    3 years warranty,100% compatible. -
    ISO9001/9002 certifications  -
    Item Number: NBAS060
    Battery Type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 10.80V
    Capacity: 4800mAh
    Color: Black
    Dimension: 202.80 x 50.00 x 26.03 mm
    Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
    Condition: New, 3 years warranty!
    Shipping Weight: 366.9g


    1. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.
    2. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.
    Original Price: 64,52€

    Promotion Price: 47,94€

    Save: 26%

    Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

    This ASUS Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

    90-OA001B9000, 90-OA001B9100, AL31-1005, AL32-1005, ML31-1005, ML32-1005, PL32-1005, TL31-1005

    Product Description:

        Asus 1001PX Series
            1001PX-BLK3X, 1001PX-BLK003X,
            1001PX-WHI0065, 1001PX-WHI002X (White)

        Asus Eee PC 1001 Series
            Eee PC 1001HA, Eee PC 1001P,
            Eee PC 1001PQ, Eee PC 1001PX

        Asus Eee PC 1005 Series
            Eee PC 1005, Eee PC 1005H, Eee PC 1005HA,
            Eee PC 1005HA-A, Eee PC 1005HAB, Eee PC 1005HA-E,
            Eee PC 1005HA-EU1X, Eee PC 1005HA-EU1X-BK,
            Eee PC 1005HAG, Eee PC 1005HA-H, Eee PC 1005HA-M,
            Eee PC 1005HA-P, Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X, Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK,
            Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BU, Eee PC 1005HA-V, Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X,
            Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-BK, Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-BU,
            Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-PI, Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-WT,
            Eee PC 1005HE, Eee PC 1005HR, Eee PC 1005P,
            Eee PC 1005PE, Eee PC 1005PEG, Eee PC 1005PR,
            Eee PC 1005PX

        Asus Eee PC 1101 Series
            Eee PC 1101HA, Eee PC 1101HA-M, Eee PC 1101HA-MU1X,
            Eee PC 1101HA-MU1X-BK, Eee PC 1101HGO